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Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to have a custom design, not a template one. Is it possible?

Yes it is possible. Please contact our Sales Team at and they will help you with your query inshallah.

Do you allow any minor design modifications?

Yes, we do allow minor modifications such as changing the colors to go with your corporate branding, placing your logo professionally and so on.

Can I change my template to another one after I've chosen one?

Technically yes it is possible. But there is a small fee of £40.00 in order to accomplish this. Please note you may need to re-upload your product images as the sizes differ from one template to another.

I don't have a domain name. Will you provide one while signing up to your plan?

Yes, all three packages include 1 or 2 year domain registration service depending on the domain extension (.com,,, .net or .org)

What kind of domains can you register with your plans?

The domain names with the following extensions are included to your plan: .com,,, .net or .org

I have my own domain name. Can I still use it?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is to change the nameservers of your domain name to point them to our web hosting server.

Is there any minimum contract?

No, there isn't any minimum contract. You can leave whenever you like.

Can I host my website somewhere else?

No, you can't take your website with the current installed template to another server. However you can take domain name to anywhere you like. Please read the next question for more info.

If I cancel my subscription what will happen to my domain name?

If you cancel your subscription and would like to move your domain to somewhere else you will be required to cover the domain name cost which is £15.00 for and domains and £10.00 for .com, .net and .org domain names.

What does my subscription fee include?

Your subscription fee includes a fully functional e-commerce website with tons of features, a domain name (if you don't have one), a web hosting, Facebook cover and Twitter Background that matches your website and technical support.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan any time. Downgrading will incur an extra cost as it requires a little extra work.

What kind of products can I sell using your e-commerce packages?

You can sell any tangible halal products you like such as abayas, toys books, CDs, gifts, jewellery and so on. You name it! However our e-commerce packages do not support downloadable products such as downloadable audios or any digital products.

Will you charge any commission from any sales I make through the website?

No. We never charge any commission upon any transactions you make.

What Payment Providers can I use on my website?

You can use either PayPal or SagePay. Whichever you have at the moment.

Can my customers pay with their credit or debit cards?

Yes, certainly they can, inshallah.

Do I need to have any software or program to use my website?

Absolutely Not! All you need to know is how to use the Internet and work with images.

Do you have any support?

Yes of course. You can raise a ticket, chat online with one of our support team members or email us 24x7!

What is the Jum'ah Feature you mentioned?

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala says:

O People who believe! When the call for prayer is given on (Friday) the day of congregation, rush towards the remembrance of Allah and stop buying and selling; this is better for you if you understand.

And when the prayer ends, spread out in the land and seek Allah’s bounty, and profusely remember Allah, in the hope of attaining success.
[Juma`h 62:9-10]

With our ecommerce websites you can set the Juma timings so you don't sell during the Juma prayer time.  During that hour whenever your customers tries to add anything to their shopping cart it will display a message stating the reason and asking them to come back later.

Will I be able to disable the Jum'ah Feature if I want?

Yes, you can. You can manage it all through your content management system, inshallah.

What if I don't like your ecommerce website. Will you refund my money?

Our packages comes with 30 Days Money Back guarantee. If for any reason within 30 days you don't like our website we will refund your first month fee. However the set up fee is not refundable.

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