Why your business website needs a blog

You have set up a great website and everything is in place. And yet, you don’t feel your website has made much of a difference in terms if attracting customers. What is missing?

That’s where a blog comes in! Blogs may seem like a lot of unnecessary work. But blogs are in fact additional pages to your website that add regularly updated content to your site. Apart from including relevant marketing content, they also improve the chances of your website being pushed higher up in search engine ranks. In short, blogs attract people to your website and enhance their access to you. 

Blogs also connect you with your potential clients to a larger extent and at a personal level as compared to a standard website or advertising. Readers feel like they are reading a direct personal account of the owner’s ideas, which makes them trust the brand more. It shows that you are not just investing money, but also time and thought into what you sell. If you personally market them, it adds value to your product or service. 

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