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Why is it so important to have a good thought about bad things happening to us

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Assalamu alaykum brothers & sisters,

This life has so many UPs & DOWNs and we go through so many trials and tribulations, subhanallah. When something bad happens to us we despair although Allah SWT says on the Quran that whatever bad thing happens to us could be good for us and vice versa. We don’t know. I remember reading one story. A man survived a shipwreck and was washed out to the island with some ship remnants including some food.

He then built a small shelter from the remnant shipwreck woods and started living there. Every morning he would go out and climb up the hills hoping to see sany passing by ships. On one of those days he went out again and when he came back he saw his shelter caught on fire. He could not take this loss and raised his hands up the sky and said “Oh Allah why do you do this to me??? What did I do to deserve this? You took away even this from me! Why me? Why?” and he fell asleep  after crying profusely for so long.

Suddenly, he woke up by sudden noise. To his amusement he saw a ship on the shore and people coming towards his burnt shelter. He was extremely happy and asked them how they had found him. They told him that they saw a smoke coming out this island and they decided to check it out and found him as a result. Do you see? He thought it was bad for him but turned out to be good. We never know what is best and what is worst for us. Allah SWT is Hakeem, He is All Wise and knows better what is good or bad for His servants. The bottom line is – have a positive and good thinking and never despair.  If you lost something then think of it as a beginning of something better, inshallah.

I have also come across this video on Youtube and thought I should share that with you too. Although it is not an Islamic talk or anything but gives you very good advice:

So dear brothers and sisters, never despair whenever calamity, misfortune or anything bad happens to you. Just remember the above story. Have a good thought about Allah and you will be fine inshallah.

Wassalamu alaykum,


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