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Websites Need TLC Too!


Do you remember years back when someone had a question to ask your company before the internet was even invented, what did they do?

They would have looked for you in the Yellow Pages, then they dialed the number they found and when someone answered the phone – they asked them what they needed to know.  We hoped that the person they spoke to was professional, spoke clearly, represented the company’s brand in a good way and was knowledgeable in their field.

Now we have websites that have replaced that, they speak professionally and clearly on the company’s behalf; they don’t take tea breaks, they don’t get moody or distracted and they don’t go home at 6pm.  They can answer the majority of questions people ask, they present information in an engaging manner, they can take orders, even earn money all at the same time, wow websites are the ultimate employee right?

There is a cost though, you can easily compare a tailored business website to someone’s annual salary.  Most people believe that the only difference is that in the second and third year, that salary doesn’t have to be paid, so then you can start saving.. Which is true to some extent, it’s easy to think that because websites don’t get sick, don’t need a holiday, don’t need formal reviews, written warnings, meetings and one to ones, they don’t experience highs and lows in their performance due to personal life problems.

But is that actually really true?

We will be posting a series of posts explaining how the above common assumptions on websites are not all necessarily true and why and how to care for your business website, so stay posted! 

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