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The relevance of font style on a web page

Planning and choosing fonts is just as important as choosing themes for a website. The entire content is to be presented in the chosen font. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that it goes well with your theme and purpose. What role does font play in website design?

The fonts available to a designer are unlimited, and the library gets updated continuously. Based on the function of the website, a suitable font is chosen, which is commonly represented in six heading sizes and a paragraph font across the website. This is extremely beneficial in categorizing content. For instance, H1 is used for titles, H2 for sub headings, etc. It builds the content hierarchy and provides the essential structure for your site. 

Instead of sophisticated typography, the evergreen trend in web design is simple, clean, and clear font. Hence, it is always best to use standard fonts, as overly styled fonts get too old too soon.

Font styling is not limited to the type, but also includes features like weight, spacing, color, etc. Careful review of the theme and brand elements like logo, etc. should be used to decide how the font should be used around the site.

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