The Islamic Establishment Gets A New Look

Assalam aleikum Ummah Readers,

Did you know that The Islamic Establishment has had an all new make over?

We are talking about one of UK’s biggest and best Islamic product retailers, wholesalers & sole providers of many all time Muslim favourites, they even offer FREE delivery anywhere in the UK. We are honored to be able to say that they are one of our first and most loyal clients in who’s custom is very dear to us.

We’ve noticed that there are some common techniques that seem to crop up over and over again on various e-commerce-related websites. One of which is, the majority of these sites use a horizontal top-navigation that can look awesome when not over cluttered as many often get when there’s a wide range of products available. Another is, large & crisp product and banner images that usually include a dark colour scheme or often combined with strong colours that are frequently mounted upon a white or very light background.
So, as e-commerce websites vividly highlight product and category images and therefore fill a large part of the layout with visuals, we think that the choice of a wide banded horizontal top navigation seems quite appropriate in this case, and because we knew the very large range of products and product categories our client has, we felt that adding a drop down menu to ‘Our Products’ was a must to avoid the over cluttering. Combining this with a clean light background together with a simple but vivid, dark font and a strong wide banner adds sharpness, makes it so much more apparent and radiates more visual interest to the header in general.

Below, you can see a sneak peak at their refreshed website, revamped with a bespoke CMS catering for their wholesales needs as well as their daily retail needs and services.


It’s always been a pleasure to work, design and host The Islamic Establishment’s website. Please do pay them a visit and keep them in mind when in need of any Islamic or Muslim gifts for any occasion, I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised and just as conveniently addicted to their site as I was 😉

Wassalam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakettu

Ummah Design Team

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