Showcase of Mosque & Islamic Centre Websites

Assalam Aleikum

Alhamdulillah with the help and never ending Grace of Allah swt the Ummah-Design team have managed to design & develop many websites for Mosques & Islamic Organisations. Unfortunately there is still a very long way to go for these type of organisations to utilise the online opportunities to their full potential, however we are really pleased to see a growing number of mosques recognizing the importance of their web presence, it wasn’t a great number of years ago that the very few number of mosques that even had a website appeared to be several years behind the times.

The web changes as often as the weather outside so it’s sometimes difficult for many to keep up with the trends, but despite this Alhamdulillah it’s so nice to notice mosques still eager to connect with the generation of today and their websites reflect this perfectly with their beautiful imagery & Islamic designs, what better way to interact with the online community!

So it’s a great honor to bring together this showcase of Mosque websites, being the first of its kind we hope that it’s an excellent source of inspiration for all to enjoy and benefit from Inshallah

If your Mosque is looking for a professional, bespoke CMS website please see more about our web design services for mosques or why not choose from our affordable package deals from as little as £8.00 per month.

Omari Mosque of Beirut


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre


Birmingham Central Mosque


Greenlane Masjid


Maidenhead Mosque


East London Mosque


West London Islamic Centre & Jamia Masjid


The Asian Centre


At Taqwa Masjid & Somali Centre


Newcastle Muslim Association


Darussalam Masjid & Cultural Centre


York Mosque & Islamic Centre


Ghamkol Sherif  Central Jamia Mosque


Al-jalal Masjid


Kings Heath Mosque


Jamatia Islamic Centre


Al-Hijrah Mosque


Masjid Umar


Call to Islam Islamic Centre


At-Tawheed Foundation – Markaz Tawheed


Islam in Ireland – Islamic Foundation of Ireland


The Islamic Association of Releigh


NorthShore Islamic Society


The Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia


Masjid Abu Bakr Al-Siddeeq


Auburn Islamic Community Centre


Masjid Al-Muslimiin


Balham Mosque and Islamic Centre


Shah Jahan Mosque


King Fahad Mosque


Mashallah, so there you have it, the first ever showcase of mosque & Islamic Centre websites and Inshallah hopefully of many more to come. Please share your comments and if you know of any more that we haven’t included please let us know Inshallah.

Would your local Mosque like to join the online world and get a website? Or maybe you would like to sponsor a Mosque!  Either way, if it’s a professional & affordable website you want  please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website for more information on websites for mosques.

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