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Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu

We acknowledge that over time the world of apps has broadened considerably, more so in the recent years, and as a result alhamdulilah there have also been numerous apps made for us within the Muslim Ummah. The Ummah Design team have researched some of these apps for you and have come up with a short showcase illustrating just a few of the thousands of apps made available for us as Muslims.

Muslim Pro: Azan Quran, Qibla:

The first app we thought could be exceedingly useful in any practicing Muslim’s everyday life, was the Muslim Pro: Azan, Quran, Qibla. Known as the No.1 adhan app on the Google play store, it provides an Islamic calendar, a Qibla locator, a list of halal restaurants and Mosques as well as 99 Muslim names that could come in useful for parents or expecting parents alike when going through that difficult process of choosing the right name for their precious sprouts and lastly the holy Qur’aan. All of which are compressed in this prayer time and Adhan app. It has also been sufficiently recognised by millions of Muslims worldwide as the most accurate prayer & adhan application on mobile devices.


Supplications for every occasion by Batoul Apps:

It is clear that a Muslim’s dua is the only weapon against the evil within this world, and as a result we have been blessed with numerous duas for every difficulty, or situation in life. Through the use of these dua’s we seek Allah’s help and guidance in everything we do. Therefore it is made evident the usefulness and the potential effectiveness that this application can provide it’s users within their day to day lives! Brilliant portable version of the Fortress of a Muslim dua book. This application however can be found on iTunes and therefore may only be accessible from apple devices such as the iphone/ipod etc.



For us as Muslims it can be exceedingly hard to find places to go out to eat , or even in some cases pray, especially if we are traveling and not familiar with the area we find ourselves in. With this application it has been made achievable to locate halal restaurants and mosques closer to your specific address or location. This means that not only will you be able to locate places near you, but also wherever you may plan to travel to on holiday internationally, or locally. The only current limitation of this application is in regards to some very few locations, as the app is not completely useable in ALL countries but most countries, so this should therefore be taken into consideration before you download it. This application can only be found on iTunes and therefore may only be accessible from Apple devices such as the iphone/ipod etc.


Divine Names:

There are 99 beautiful names of our lord all of which have equally divine meanings, with this application it has been made possible for Muslims worldwide to access and understand these names, of which they could then further implement in numerous duas. Allowing us to not only read but appreciate and fully comprehend the meanings and attributes of our lord, Allah (swt).


Scholars of Islam (Torch Bearers):

Recently it has become common and well-practiced for people to use meaningful quotes as their statuses on Facebook and perhaps even in tweets on twitter, so for those Muslims who also wish to practice this fashion this app would be ideal! Now we can proceed to inspire people with more motivational quotes & further better the understanding of Islam. This app provides the user with motivational quotes from Muslim scholars that they can then share with both family and friends as well as implement and contribute to their daily conversations, inspiring other fellow Muslims and non-Muslims alike along with them. Furthermore it also provides information on 48 different scholars, and the user can save the ones they like best under said favorites.


Muslim kids series: Dua:

This is one of my personal favorites. A free app for our Muslim children from the Muslim kids series. This specific app’s purpose is to teach our young children numerous supplications that could be used on different occasions throughout the day, for example dua’s that are said when they wake up or go to sleep. For this, it has within it audio recitations that can be used to teach the children how to recite each dua, along with simple yet cute illustrations to follow up in keeping the children interested and engaged. Furthermore this app has been made available in Arabic, English and Indonesian to further allow a wider range of our Muslim ummah to not only understand but also benefit from it. My kids love it!


Qibla Compass by Azzure Labs:

This handy application provides its users with not only prayer times and direction to the Kaaba in Mecca, but also provides the user with the distance that they are in regards to their location as opposed to Mecca. This is done with an arrow that points in the correct direction of prayer from wherever the user is standing, and has been taken through the difference between magnetic and true north in consideration, similar to the average compass but more adjusted in finding the direction of prayer. The user simply has to set their phone down on flat surface and away from interfering metal objects and electromagnetic fields. We found it particularly useful when moving to a new home or staying in hotels.


iHadith (40 Hadith of Messenger S.A.W.):

This useful application can be bought and/or downloaded through iTunes and therefore can only be applicable on Apple devices, never the less it’s only one of the many options available out there. This handy hadith app is basically the compilation of 5 hadith books by their respective authors, Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawud, Malik Muwatta and Hadith Qudsi. Therefore it allows the user to access and understand various hadiths from the most famous of authors, creating an easier method of reading and comprehending the various teachings of our blessed prophet (pbuh).


Qamar Deen:

Qamar Deen is an application that allows its users to keep track of the good deeds they perform throughout the duration of each day. Anything from the fard we must perform everyday such as prayers to additional deeds such as Sadaqah and even your recitations and/or progression of memorisation of the Qur’an. The user simply has to mark the prayers they’ve performed throughout the day both fard and sunnah, adding how much Sadaqah you’ve given out, perhaps something as simple as helping the elderly cross the road, or similarly calculating how much of the Quran they’ve read throughout the day. Users can even chart their progress in regards to their journey in becoming better people in a graph to view their improvements and/or how much more they wish to improve. However, it must be understood that for this to be accurate the user must remember to record their doings throughout the day. While on the other hand it must be clear that this application should NOT be misused as a means of showing off to others what deeds have been performed each day, but ONLY as a means of improvement and understanding of one’s current completion of deeds, and how they can improve. This application is accessible on iTunes for free, and therefore can only be downloaded from Apple devices.


My Quran Lite:

Our holy book the Quran, is one of beauty and wisdom, however it can be hard to understand fully by those who are not familiar with the Arabic language, it is for this reason that this application can be seen as one of great relevance to the Muslim. As it does cross the mind, that there is more depth and meaning to the words memorized when given the opportunity to better understand these wondrous verses. MyQuran Lite does not only include the reviewing of the Quranic verses but also their analysis of the root words of the verses. The Quran recitations are followed up with their English translation, which allows for the better understanding of the recitations which then could ultimately enhance the overall experience of understanding our own book and religion. This application can be purchased from iTunes, and therefore can only be downloaded from Apple devices.


Thank you for viewing our compilation, we hope that you found this post useful and especially of benefit this Ramadan insha ALLAH, may Allah accept our intentions, deeds and fasting amin. Please remember us in your duas and don’t forget to comment.

Wassalam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakettu

Ummah-Design Team



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