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How many Muslim directories do you know? In how many of them is your business listed?
I was compiling a list of Muslim directories available on the Internet and decided to share it with you, inshallah.

I will try to point out whether any of them is free to join or not.

1. Tijara Pages (UK) –

Online Directory only.

Listing Price:
From Free Listing to £95.00 UK Pounds per year.  View Price List.

2. Muslim Directory (UK) –

The Muslim Directory is a print and electronic medium.  Over120,000 printed directories are distributed across the UK every year. Those who listed their businesses in printed version can be found in online version too.

Listing Price:
From £299.00 to £2999.00 UK Pounds per year.  View Price List.

3. Muslim Pages (UK) –

Online Directory only. Established recently but have been advertised extensively on Islam Channel, Noor TV etc.

Listing Price:
From £44.00 to £1000.00 UK Pounds per year.  View Price List.

4. Islamic Finder (International) –

International Online Directory.

Listing Price:
As far as I know it is FREE.

To be continued inshallah…


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