Our Second Prize Draw Winners

Assalamu alaykum dear brothers & sisters,

First of all, we would like to thank everybody who entered this prize draw (more details are here: http://ummah-design.com/blog/2011/11/29/win-a-professional-cms-website-for-your-masjid )  and their willingness to help their local masjids with their website so that they can provide greater services to their local communities: Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Usually we ruffle the names of the participants and randomly pick one of them  then announce the name of the winner. But today we would like to do an exception. Today we would like everybody to be a winner. Today we would like to please our Lord, put a smile on His face, today we want Him to say to His angels “Look! My servants from Ummah Design did such and such thing for my sake only”. At the end of the day – money does not matter for us Muslims. It is the pleasure of Allah that matters a lot, inshallah.

So today all of you are a winner. Please send us your details, the package you chose from here: http://ummah-design.com/mosque-islamic-centres-website-features.aspx and the template of your preference: http://ummah-design.com/choose-your-design.aspx?pk=3 to our email at sales {at} ummah-design.com and we will take it from there inshallah.

Please keep us in your duas and watch out for our future promotions, inshallah.

Wassalamu alaykum,

Ummah-Design.Com Team

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