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Alhamdulillah by the Will & Grace of Allah the Almighty we have recently completed and launched a new website –  PBUU.COM, an especially unique project that all of us here in the Ummah-Design.Com team took much pleasure of taking part in.

PBUU actually stands for Peace Be Upon Us. It’s a great idea of a site aiming to connect people to their mosques and mosques to their people Inshallah. It was set-up by a group of individuals to conquer insular living and with the intention to restore the mosque as a centre of the community Inshallah giving all members of the community a voice. is a website for everyone and all can benefit tremendously out of it, you can communicate, blog, share and learn about Islam and what’s happening in and around your community.

Although PBUU have great plans & expectations for the site it’s still in the early stages and in desperate need of your help & support, we need to come together, get our friends, family, neighbors and local mosques involved or at the very least make as many people we know aware of the project & make frequent visits to the site to find out the latest news and developments Inshallah. - Peace Be Upon Us

So what do you think of the design, the idea of the website? Do you have any suggestions or even objections? Your comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated so please feel free to share them with us.

Above all we urge all our brothers and sisters out there to visit, contribute & learn from the site, this is only the beginning for PBUU. In due time they’re expected to be introducing a host of new & exciting social networking experiences. So watch their space!

Wassalamu alaykum.

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