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Sodi’s Gems are one of our UK e-commerce clients and is a really good example of a small halal business that many of our sisters with talent initially start off with launching on Facebook & Twitter. Then after gradual growth and increase of clients & followers find themselves in desperate need of a website to cater for theirs and their clients needs. Allowing them to not only meet the ever growing demand of their own community but also gaining clients and ongoing customers from all over the world.

Sodi’s Gems was founded in 2011 to bring unique, elegant and affordable items to the ever-expanding Muslim fashion market, utilizing over 10 years experience in major fashion outlets, Sodi’s Gems aims to keep with current trends by offering original products, many of which are handmade, allowing sisters to look good without comprising there modesty, Insha’Allah.

One of this company’s  unique and thoughtful factors is that although they are a Muslim company & welcome customers from all walks of life, they clearly state that they adhere to the principles of Islamic business practice & do NOT receive or are funded by any interest (Riba) whatsoever. How awesome is that? And whats more is that each month they also aim to donate a portion of their profits to selected charities dealing with humanitarian aid in Palestine, Syria, Somalia, Bangladesh, and many more.

We have used HTML5 & CSS3, the two latest technologies to create their brand new e-commerce and bespoke website and here is the screenshot of their website followed by their testimonial:

“Alhamdulillah! Many, many thanks for your fast and efficient service. Not only did you provide us with an outstanding website but the professionalism in dealing with matters quickly far exceeded expectations. I found the service you provided us from start to finish extremely helpful, informative and efficient. Ummah Design will definitely be one we would recommend to others. JazakAllah Khair”

We wish them all the best in this life and the hereafter Insha Allah and every success.


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