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MMS are based in USA, they were established to encourage the generation of today to get married the correct Islamic way inshaAllah, which is the purest way. They have provided this matrimonial service that holds onto Islamic values and follows the Sunnah of the beloved Prophet s.a.w.

Their services are targeted for those who do not have the community and family support to find a suitable spouse. The website is a safe forum for people to upload their profiles so that they have a larger chance of finding a marriage partner. Many women do not get proposals, simply because their families do not know people or they do not live in Muslim communities, so MMS gives single women especially the chance to be acknowledged and known by the community. It can be difficult to find the right kind of partner due to many cultural and Islamic restrictions in the US in particular, as well as most people being very shy or reluctant to approach the other for marriage.

It was a pleasure to be involved in their sincere intentions to help the Ummah in this way fisabillah. We were able to provide for them a bespoke responsive CMS website specially catered to their individual needs.

Below is a great example of their successful outcome, we wish them all the best in their good intended work and pray Allah helps this project succeed ans be a means of their achieving Jennah Insha Allah amin.

Please do give them a visit at and let us know your valued veiws, JAK.


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