Muslim Businesses, Have No Fear, Ummah Directory is Now Here!

Assalam aleikum dear Ummah,

It is a great pleasure for the Ummah-Design Team to announce the new launch of our recent thoughtful initiative of creating our own Muslim Business Directory.

Alhamdulillah by the will and grace of Allah SWT the Most Great and Most Beneficent we have come to accumulate a wide variety of clients throughout the world with a vast variety of important & beneficial companies and services to offer the ummah as a whole. So this seemed to have gradually guided us to this point in time in which we would like to benefit our clients along side anyone else wanting to enjoy the benefits of this FREE listing that will advertise you and your business to the Muslim Ummah  worldwide, 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.


Why should your business be listed with Ummah Directory?

Your business will benefit from having an additional online profile page featuring your business name, address, website & telephone number.

The people visiting your profile page will be ready to buy or already in need of your service and searching for you. So the more links you have going back to your website & the more you can promote and advertise yourself online the better chance they have of finding you.

Having a listing with Ummah Directory will most certainly increase your website traffic Insha Allah and awareness of your web presence. Being SEO experts ourselves, we are always updating and refreshing all our SEO results making sure that we are always appearing on top as possible. So you see even if your own search results to your business website isn’t as well ranked, potential clients may have more of a chance to find you through our directory.

Why not list your business now?  Visit Site to create listing

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