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Asalamu Aleikum Ummah,

A year ago we posted a blog post titled ‘15 Most Awesome Muslim Blogs’. When we originally did this our knowledge was quite limited to just how many REAL Awesome Blogs there were out there, but Alhamdulillah & Mashallah since then we were so overwhelmed with the response and comments from our brothers & sisters all over the world that we had to follow this up with a much needed ‘Most Awesome Muslim Blogs 2011’. And we hope to update this every year Inshallah with the most recent & most popular blogs of the time.

Included in this are all the brilliant blog links suggested to us in our readers comments, we found many of them breathtakingly amazing and a true inspiration. We thank and appreciate all who commented in our original post and hope to get twice as many comments on this one Inshallah.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind our readers that although we understand the majority of showcases normally concentrate just on the appearance, in this case we’d like to stress that although a few of our carefully picked blogs might not be that appealing to the eye compared to others, we found their efforts, content, idea and/or the popularity of the blog to be profoundly astonishing Mashallah and Allah SWT knows best.

American Muslim Mom

We had to start this showcase with American Muslim Mom, this is one of ours and was a great pleasure to revamp. Its a great idea of a site & a much needed one in the society of today, may Allah reward their team immensely for enlightening us with their inspiring content amin.

Productive Muslim

Well, need I have to introduce Productive Muslim? I think I can safely say there shouldn’t be any doubt as to why this blog sits here among the most awesome blogs of 2011. This brother hasn’t only made it into the hearts of the adults but also the hearts of our youngsters biidthnilah. Reminding us all how to keep ourselves productive in every second of each and every day with the endless collection of tips & resources bursting out of this blog, his cool, fly logo does it in style. It was a true pleasure & inspiring experience working along side this brother to set up one of his projects Productive Ramadan in 2010.

Zohra Sarwari

I honestly do not know where or how to start with this one, sister Zohra is a truely motivating lady with much to offer not only Muslim women & children but all mankind in general. If by an amazing chance you do not already know of her then this is a must visit site, even if you do know her this is a must visit site. 🙂 May Allah reward her in all her efforts inshallah amin.

Imaan Magazine

I’ve only recently come across this one actually, and really glad I did. Sister LaLa ‘Noor’ Garcia, a recent new Muslim in America is the founder & editor of this great magazine, in which she states “this magazine will be my voice to the ummah as well as an ear for all others.” definitely one to recommend to all writers & artists inshallah.

My Halal Kitchen

Aaah this is one of my old time favorites and one every lady should know about & visit. It speaks for itself.

Salam Business Club’s Blog

Salam Business Club is the first worldwide Internet-based business network for the Arab, Asian and Muslim world, with members from over 180 countries. I came across this blog when my husband was trying to register himself on their website. I think they got so busy that they couldn’t keep updating their blog :-).

Muslimahs Working At Home

I love this site as most of the UDsisters also work from home and when i did a blog post about this a while ago, I had no idea of this site.  It contains so much useful tips and resources, provides support, advice and much more. A big thank you to all the sisters that bought this together fisabilillah.

Handmade Beginnings

Our younger children love this site, it’s full of fun packed activities that parents can enjoy doing together with their children, really helpful for anyone that has little ones and loves arts & crafts.


This is a Muslim French blog with an outstandingly unique and very imaginative design, I was blown away when I first saw this site. A lovely inspiration to anyone with a design flare. I wish I could understand french, to know what the content was all about! 🙂

Kidbloggers Club

This is another one we designed &  developed alhamdulillah, a really good kids blogging site and one that all of ours visit regularly, BIG well done to all that participate in it.

Ummah Tweenz

These are the new kids on the blog, a group of creative artists & writers targeting like minded tweenz looking to share tips, learn & upload their designs of creativity, well worth visiting.


Another popular, french news blog. A simple, clean cut design using light colours & user friendly navigation.

Marc Manley

I cant remember how I ended up stumbling across this blog exactly but I do remember being very impressed with my accidental find, and I’m sure any other Writer, Thinker, Educator would too. A blog well worth visiting Inshallah.

Egyptian Gumbo

I think this is the blog of our sister Shirien ex-reporter & writer, author of the book ‘Aliya’s first Ramadan’ (which my daughter loooved) I say  “I think ” because there is no About page on this blog but the content is really good and well worth visiting for. The blog also promotes the famous Abdullah Puppet whom we all know & love.

Islamic Learning Materials

Islamic Learning Materials (ILM) is brother Ismail’s attempt to make Islam more understandable to average English-speaking Muslims. ILM is based on the premise that Islam is simple and should be taught in a simple manner. Abu Ibrahim Ismail is the founder of Islamic Learning Materials, he’s an American Muslim who grew up mostly in Brooklyn, New York, though he currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. A brilliant site for Islamic Resources.

Guide Musulman

Mashallah this is what some call the french version of the famous Muslim Matters news site. Again, I wish I could tell you more but I don’t know french. Those of you that know, please feel free to fill us in on the details in the comments section JAK.

Islamic Events

And if you know Belgium, then this is the Muslim news site for you, jam packed with all the latest Islamic Events and all you need to know about Islam in Belgium.

My Islamic Partner

We developed this site maybe a year ago now and customized their blog, it’s a really good blog to visit inshallah.

Memoirs From Morocco

On first impression I simply loved the design, it was so original and authentic although I think the heading would be more readable in black or a darker brown. On reading it I found myself rolling around in laughter as I put myself in the described scenario & knew exactly what she was talking about .

Aquila Asia

An elegant & modest look, simple but eloquent. Attractively appealing both in appearance & content to any fashionable muslimah’s eye.

Umamah Learning Academy

Another fun packed educational kids blog & definitely one for all parents to book mark.

Moroc Mama

OMG! I can’t believe I nearly forgot this one, how could I? Its simply scrumptious, I realise this is the second blog I’ve featured connecting to Morocco and I’m sure that the fact I’m Moroccan myself  doesn’t play any part in it 😉 Both the design & content are amusing in this one where sister Amanda shares the tastes & smells of her American Moroccan kitchen & family life. I particularly liked the colours used in the header, combining the blues with the red & yellow is really authentic as is so many of her delicious recipes.

I think this is it. If we forgot to include anybody please let us know.  We look forward to hearing your comments inshallah.

Wassalamu alaykum  Team

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