Marmara Foods Has A New Website!

Assalam alaykum,

Marmara foods offer only the best quality Turkish foods. Marmara is a family owned business carrying handmade Turkish Delights, Teas, Coffee and Spices. They wish to share the tastes, flavors, aromas and essence of their rich culture through their foods and beverages.  Marmara has also gathered all the aromas and tastes of this region to bring a unique collection of spices.  The exclusive spice mixes they offer make Mediterranean cooking easy yet delicious.

We provided them with a traditional & authentic look & theme to match their authentic & traditional recipes, we wanted their new website to have the same look and feel of what they were aspiring to create & provide their visitors. In addition to their traditional design, we provided them with CMS so that they can easily update their Gallery, special deals & prices as well as their content.

They will now be able to change their banners themselves, promoting their services & latest offers. And all of this was just screaming for the benefits of responsive design, so that it can show off all its features and great tasting food promotions to an unlimited crowd, using any mobile device of their choice. Having the website available to mobile phones etc will also make it easier to share pictures from their gallery & menu on Instagram or with family members at home to help them choose their order.

Take a look at the finished product:


Let us know what you think!

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