How to effectively market your brand in Ramadan

To Muslims around the world, Ramadan is a month of purifying the soul and the body. It is also the month of fresh beginnings and new commitments. It is a festive month, celebrated through fasting and spiritual activities. Globally, Ramadan is characterized by a spike in shopping, as Muslim families look to stock up their pantries for the month-long fasting period. Also, apparel and footwear are in huge demand prior to Eid which follows the Holy Month. This increased consumerism is often capitalized by companies to sell more of their products. A week ahead of Ramadan, you can see flyers and offer booklets promoting various discounted rates practically everywhere. How do you market your products with Ramadan as your theme?

Offers are the best ways to attract customers in Ramadan. Since people buy things in bulk, the lowest price is always hunted. Use pro-Ramadan marketing collateral with symbols like crescent moon and stars, lanterns, dates, the color green, etc. The key is to focus on the spiritual values of Ramadan and build a continuing relationship with customers, rather than viewing it as a marketing opportunity alone. Since it is a sensitive religious observance, priority has to be given for the importance of the month to your consumers and not your marketing goals. Emphasize on bringing families together, and develop consumer-centric goals. 

In this era, your websites are just as important for your marketing campaign. Add Ramadan wishes, pro-Ramadan messages, and other features that would appeal to the sentimentality of your consumers. Green is a color that represents Islam globally. Hence, liberal splashes of green around your homepage wouldn’t hurt either. Contact us at Ummah Designs for revamping your website!

We wish you all a prosperous Ramadan!

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