How do the search engines rank your website? Part-III


Assalamu alaykum.

I hope everyone has had or still having a nice holiday and not too tired of standing around in queues making the most of High Street bargains from shops like PC World 🙂

As promised, I would like to elaborate on Google’s next way of ranking a website, namely Link Reputation.

So what is a Link Reputation then?

We learn that Link Reputation is just as important as Link Popularity and Page Rank that we discussed earlier. Link Reputation is what  is written in the text that links to your web page (inbound links) and from your website to other websites (outbound links) .

An example of an inbound link is, let’s say 10 websites are linked to my website and the text of the links on those websites are Web Design Company. This will tell Google that my website is about Web Design and will rank me under the web design search terms accordingly.

An example of an outbound link is, let’s say my website is competing for the keyword “web design” and I want to have a link to a web design blog. So instead of sayingClick here to go to my favourite web design blog”, I would say “Please check out my favourite web design blog”.  So the link “web design” is regarded as an optimised link that is passing on a reputation and telling Google that this site is about Web Design. Whereas “Click here” is telling Google that that site is about Click Here 🙂 .  So the text used to anchor the link (the anchor text) which in this case is “Web Design” passes on link reputation that helps with keyword ranking.

Therefore I would advise you to be mindful when it comes to naming your links and making sure to use the appropriate keywords that would give your website the right reputation.

It’s as simple as that.

I hope my recent posts have helped improve your knowledge  about Link Popularity, Page Ranking and Link Reputation. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them here.


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