How do the search engines rank your website? Part-II


Assalamu alaykum,

This is the continuation of my previous post where I discussed Link Popularity as one of the new ways of  ranking websites that Google introduced a few years ago.

Google also introduced another idea which was called Page Rank where not all links were treated equal. For example, if I had 1 link from BBC’s website whose page rank is 8 and your site had 1 link from a blog whose page rank is 3, my website would have had a higher ranking because it had a link from a more reputable website which had a higher Page Rank on the Internet.  The website with a Page Rank of 2 is 8 times more powerful than a website with a Page Rank of 1. Therefore it is very important  to have popular and high Page Ranked websites linked to your website.

You can download the Google Toolbar that shows the Page Rank of any website you visit or alternatively, there are many online tools that can do it for you, for example, try this Google Page Rank Checker.

That’s that for today.  In Part III inshallah, I will touch upon Link Reputation, so please visit us again.


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