How do the search engines rank your website? Part-I.


Assalamu alaykum,

Today inshallah, I would like to talk about how search engines like Google and others decide how to rank sites. In other words, what happens inside the search engines that decide to rank one website higher than another.

In early days, the main search engines such as Infoseek, Lycos, Excite etc. used to judge the website rankings based purely on content algorithm.  To give a primitive example for this, let’s say my site and your site is competing for the keyword “web design” and the search engine encounters this keyword 100 times in your website and 101 times in my website.  I will outrank your website by just one keyword. So the decision was based on content only.

This has changed since Google introduced new ways of ranking websites and one of them is Link Popularity.

The Link Popularity is based on the number of links that your website is linked to. To illustrate this, let’s say my website has  links  from 10 websites and yours has only 5. I will outrank you because I have more websites linking to my website.  The more links you have from other websites the higher your ranking is.


Therefore you should make sure you have more links from other websites than your competitor.  There are many ways to achieve this.  For example:

  • exchange links or banners with other websites. Ask other websites to put a link to your website in exchange for theirs.
  • Participate in forums or discussion boards and leave your website address there.
  • Subscribe to social networking websites and list your website there too (E.g. digg,  facebook, Stumble Upon etc)
  • Publish useful information on your website which will cause users to want to link to your website without even asking.
  • Submit your website to different web directories under the  relevant sub-categories
  • Ask your friends, business partners, customers, vendors or even family members to link to your website!

I hope this helps inshallah. Happy linking 🙂


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