Hero Header Trend in 2017

If you don’t know already, hero header is exactly what the name suggests, the hero of the page. It is that image or video splashed across homepages of websites. Websites use hero headers to convey the brand slogan and taglines, and also directs the user to pages using call to action button. So a hero header is pretty much the most important element on a home page.

Narrow Header Images are trending now. Banner and website designed by Ummah Designs

Hero headers are often added after careful detailed design. While these headers were mostly non-existent a few years ago, for a while the trend was to add screen wide and high hero images. It was basically all you see at first when you opened a website. Things are now taking a different turn, as 2017 has seen websites bring down the height of these images and keep them narrow at the top. This has led to more information being added on the page, instead of call to action buttons and marketing lines. The reader can access all details on the same page without further   navigation.

Regardless, even though hero images are being lesser of a hero, they are still essential. If nothing else, they make pages look more attractive.

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