Free Islamic Wallpaper January 2013

Assalama alleikum All,

As the year draws to a close and most people are planing their night out with their friends hoping to bring the new year in with a bang, alhamdulillah many Muslims are in deep thought on their previous years sins and wondering what they have Islamically  accomplished in this time, how productive they have been and what goals to reset for the next year (life & health permitting).

In reality to all Muslims every year past is another closer to their death so in this state of thought its not normal to want to celebrate but unfortunately many of us still do, in ignorance or maybe to forget, and we do forget its in our nature to forget. The word Insaan in Arabic translating to human being in English actually origins  from the word Nasyaan meaning forgetful.

The Ummah-design team wish you all the best of health, emaan & taqwa and hope that this simple wallpaper can act as a reminder when you are most in need of it Inshallah.


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