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Do you ever go on dodgy websites, controversial blogs or wish you could leave no trail when buying and selling online?  You may even go to completely acceptable websites and blogs but just dont want people to be able to trace your movements, enter QtWeb 2.0.

The QtWeb 2.0 is an open source browser built on the Nokia Qt framework…a rare thing indeed for browsers…and it seems that it can offer you the kind of safe haven you need.

Here area few privacy and security features you may like

  • Turn on Private Browsing mode to avoid leaving traces of browsing, even UserAgent which is being sent to the web server is masked
  • Full Reset feature – clears all caches and restores all local settings to the state just after installation, as it was never run on the machine
  • Supported SSL to access secure sites.

Other than the impressive safety features on QtWEB 2.0 it has a Firefox type appearance and is a compact and portable web browser. It has a customizable user interface, its lightweight, fast and portable.

QtWeb 2.0 includes customizable menus, hot keys, keyboard shortcuts, toolbar buttons and search providers.

It won’t change the world and people will not be jumping all over it but for those who want security when online and want to stop your information being leaked this is a good option for you.


Download it here

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