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Does Your Website Need Reviews?

website service review

YES Of course it does!

Our websites need one to one time to develop in the same way an employee does.

Why do we do reviews and one to ones with employees do you think?

Because very rarely does a new recruit develop into an experienced, motivated, high performing key employee without some sort of support right! Whether that’s hands on training, maintaining a great company culture or providing an environment to learn from mistakes – you’ll have done something for them.

Your website is just like an employee but it doesn’t usually get any of this extra attention – employees come with a basic prerequisite of being able to learn but for most people the idea that a website can learn and adapt to its users is considered a luxury.

Websites also have peaks and falls in performance. An employee can be encouraged to raise their game for a big event, an important pitch or just a tough day at the office. An employee can be given additional training to respond to a new requirement. An employee can figure out that they should speak to a disgruntled customer differently to a happy one and differently again between a curious customer and a busy one.

Can your website do any of these things?

Firstly it would help if we change our mindset to believe that what you actually need from your website is a lot more like a person than the lift in your office building which has a simple job that at best needs periodic maintenance.  In contrast, your website is actually having conversations with your customers and all their wonderful individualisms.

So if your website is in fact very much like an employee then it too should have its own needs in order to perform.

We will be covering these needs in a series of posts so stay tuned to find out more 😉


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