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Does Your Website Get Sick?

sick website

Well, actually your website kind of does get sick!

When we first launch our website, it is young, fit and full of health.  Then the website is used, content is added and removed, data is collected and archived, errors happen, logs are filled.  It’s ability to handle this is like your diet.  A good diet will keep you healthy in the same way that a good data architecture will keep a website performing well.

But like with diet, even with best intentions, it doesn’t always work out and if you have an intolerance or allergy, your diet will need to be carefully monitored against your individual requirements.

The same is true of websites, one simple oversight and before you know it, there’s a database table or a file on the server that’s out of control and making the site sick.

There are external factors too; we’re affected by where we live, where we work and whether our desk chair provides lumbar support.  A website’s environment is the technology that surrounds it.  It was built to live in a world where people used particular devices, browsers and operating systems but that was 2 years ago and now they are old and forgotten.  Our fit, young, healthy employee over time succumbs to the free radicals known as software updates with the inevitable conclusion that it will eventually fail to serve the needs of our customers.

So baring this in mind, we can use the right means to prevent this with regular check ups and reviews. If you cant do this yourself there are companies such as ourselves that can do this for you!

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