• Muslim Charities Around The World

    bismimg Assalamu alaykum brothers and sisters in Islam. Our team was intending to write an interesting article on Muslim Charities around the world. We have been compiling the names of those charities and so far we have come up with the following: Islamic Relief Muslim Hands Muslim Aid Ummah Welfare Trust Human Appeal International InterPal

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  • Dress Up Your Desktop With Islamic Wallpapers

    bismimg Our team would like to present our first seasonal range of desktop designs.  Inshallah we start our on-going collection of designs with the Autumn range. Each season we are planning to present you with 6 unique desktop wallpapers with an Islamic feel, inshallah. Please share your comments and feedback with us.  Jazakallahu khayran. (

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  • Is Google Playing Big Brother?

    bismimg Google is massive; it is an outrageously huge and influential company that may now be too big for our own good. To be successful on line nobody can ignore Google, everybody has to participate with them, if you don’t; you simply don’t survive.  So we all have to use Google to swim in the

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  • Twitter – No Sale

    bismimg There has been a lot of chat in the blogosphere over the past few days about the alleged taked over of Twitter by these giants of Google or Apple. Well, it seems that all that typing was for nothing, including my own, because today the co founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, has put us

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  • Google or Apple to Buy Twitter?

    bismimg Twitter has become so popular in such a short amount of time that even giants such as Apple and Google are fighting over it. Over 1 million people use twitter now and are using it in ways that have surprised many.  Users have been using Twitter for search purposes which has obviously made Google

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  • Dubai Police confirm plan to block internet ‘smut’

    bismimg Dubai Police confirmed on Tuesday that it has asked the UAE telecoms regulator to censor 500 search terms it deems offensive in a bid to block access to certain internet sites. (source: Getty Images) The Chief of Police spoke out about the force’s plans to block access to certain internet sites after it was

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