• Recommended Islamic Daily Activities Timetable

    Assalamu alaykum brothers & sisters in Islam, One of our team members has come up with this fantastic timetable that we thought we should share with our wonderful readers.  It is a wonderful timetable that helps you to stay on track of what you would need to be doing daily as a Muslim, inshallah. We

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  • Ummah Design launches Free Babar Ahmad Campaign

    UD’s  Target:  200 signatures by 10-Nov-2011 Assalamu alaykum friends and customers, We at Ummah-Design.Com have seriously decided to contribute to the campaign to free our innocent brother Babar Ahmad who was detained in the UK for 7 years without trial fighting extradition to the USA under the controversial no-evidence-required Extradition Act 2003. An ePetition has

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  • Our Masjid & Islamic Centres CMS Features

    Assalamu alaykum, In our previous post we mentioned about our new product (Masjid & Islamic Centre Content Management System)  that we have launched just recently. We thought we should include the main features that comes with it in a separate blog post. Main Product Features Prayer Timetable This feature will show daily prayer times on

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  • Most Awesome Muslim Blogs 2011

    Asalamu Aleikum Ummah, A year ago we posted a blog post titled ‘15 Most Awesome Muslim Blogs’. When we originally did this our knowledge was quite limited to just how many REAL Awesome Blogs there were out there, but Alhamdulillah & Mashallah since then we were so overwhelmed with the response and comments from our

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  • Eid ul Fitr Mubarak Everyone!!!

    bismimg Ramadan has come to an end and we would like to wish happy Eid to all Muslim brothers & sisters.  We hope everyone got to make the most of this holy and blessed month of Ramadan and was able to purify himself  from sins and evil deeds, inshallah. We let all of our team

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  • New Website for MuslimHope.org.uk

    bismimg Assalam Aleikum Dear Ummah We are pleased to announce the launch of the new official site for the charity MuslimHope.org.uk. Muslim Hope has the ambition to help those in need globally; they aim to deliver aid to victims irrespective of race, religion, nationality or political opinion. Muslim Hope believes that every human being should

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