• Controlling the Conversation

    bismimg I know that there are many businesses out there that have yet to embrace social media due, in part, to a natural nervousness about statements that could potentially harm the business. Senior managers, executives and business owners alike all worry; I hear it all the time, but this nervousness should not prevent them from

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  • ExecTweets – new service from Twitter for corporate executives

    bismimg Digital media’s hottest startup has online social networkers twittering about its first effort to drive revenue and build a viable business model. Twitter Inc., the so-called microblogging platform that has taken pop culture by storm in recent months, has launched a Web site sponsored by Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) called “ExecTweets.” Microsoft declined to say

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  • What Is Twitter?

    bismimg You probably heard about Twitter. If not, keep on reading 🙂 Twitter is an online service for everyone: friends, colleagues, customers and families to communicate  through the exchange of quick, short (up to 140 characters) and frequent answers to one single question:  What Are You Doing? People (as well as businesses) use Twitter to

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  • Social Media, Where to Begin?

    bismimg Social media is very important for your business as it allows you to be able to join in the conversations that are taking place online about you and your company’s products and services. As these conversations are happening already and decisions are being made about your business it is vital that you get involved

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We are UK based digital marketing company offering tailor made quality web design, SEO, Social Media & Online Marketing solutions for all businesses around the world. We may be a small company however this gives us the opportunity to keep a close relationship with all our clients, offering tailored help and advice when needed.

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