• SEO Case Study: TheHijabWorld.Com

    Client: TheHijabWorld.Com Keywords: “Hijab Clothing Shop” Search Engine: Google.Com Success Timeline: within 2-3 weeks Assalamu alaykum dear readers, Another website has been added into our SEO portfolio today. This time it is TheHijabWorld.com.  TheHijabWorld.com is one of our clients for whom we redesigned and revamped their website a few years ago.  As you might have

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  • SEO Case Study: BarakahBay.Com – From Zero to Hero

    Client: BarakahBay.Com Keywords: “Islamic, Free Stuff, Give Away, Website” Search Engine: Google.Com Success Timeline: within 2-3 weeks Assalamu alaykum dear brothers and sisters, We are delighted to share with you another SEO achievement that our SEO Team achieved just recently, with the help of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. BarakahBay.com is quite a new website that

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  • SEO Case Study: LoveMyDeen.Com

    Client: LoveMyDeen.Com Keywords: “Islamic, Muslim, Gift, Calendar”. Search Engine: Google.Com Result Timeline: within 10-12 days Assalamu alaykum dear friends, Today we would like to share with you another successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) project that we have completed recently, biithnillah. LoveMyDeen.Com website sells very unique Islamic Calendar  – 365 Day-To-Day Reminders from the Noble Quran,

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  • What are keywords anyway?

    bismimg This post was inspired by a request I received when doing some work for a marketing company. The request showed that there are people moving into online marketing who do not understand what keywords are or how they are used in the optimisation process I was presented with a list of 5 key phrases

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  • Great SEO Tools

    bismimg Search Engine Optimisation is soooo essential for your website, without it your website is like a banner in the desert, nobody will know its there and nobody will see it. I came accross this video and thought I would share it with you

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  • SEO Case Study: Sweetsunnah-uk.com

    bismimg In January 2009, Sweetsunnah-uk.com – (an online retailer of very good quality black seed products) engaged with the Ummah-Design.com Team on a consultancy basis to improve its presence within the organic, natural search engine listings. The key objectives for Ummah-Design.com Team were: to drive more natural, organic, unpaid traffic to its website; to improve

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