• Google Squared Review

    bismimg After learning about Google Squared I thought what else could Google possibly do in with “search?” At first glance Google Squared looks typically basic for a Google app, Google are great at minimalist design and this is no different. What they are trying to do with this new feature is grab all those pieces

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  • Bing Review

    bismimg Not sure about the name “Bing” they could have done much better with that but actually, Bing looks good at first glance, there are nice images on the front page of whales,  it is fresh and its layout is nice and clean – so far, so good. Searching on Bing isn’t too bad either,

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  • New Seesmic Desktop

    bismimg There seems to be a lot of chat about Seesmes Desktop at the moment and they say it even tops Tweetdeck…hmm.  I haven’t tried it yet,  it needs to be pretty good to top Tweetdeck with al its great features, but I like what I am hearing. This is their promo video, i’m off

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  • 3 Must Have Firefox Add-ons

    bismimg If you are anything like me you will be deeply in love with Firefox, its clean, has great themes, easy to use, quick and has fantastic add-ons.  It seems a long time ago now that IE was the big kid in the school yard, things have moved on since those days and now savvy

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