• Web Site For Markaz At-Tawheed, Fiysabilillah!

    bismimg Ummah-Design.com Team is pleased to announce the launch of Markaz At-Tawheed’s official site (www.markaztawheed.co.uk). Markaz At-Tawheed was established in early 2009 to provide beneficial Islamic knowledge and services to the local community. Because Markaz At-Tawheed operates under the supervision of At-Tawheed foundation and At-Tawheed foundation is a non-profit and charitable da’wah organisation, we did

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  • New Website For Islamic Awareness Forum

    bismimg Today we celebrate the launch of Islamic Awareness Forum’s new official website. Islamic Awareness Forum was formed back in July, 1996 mainly to promote the five pillars of Islam among young Muslims from different backgrounds and walks of life within the British Muslim community. They approached us back in June this year with an

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  • Showcase of recently completed web projects

    bismimg Our Ummah-Design.com team have recently finished quite a few web projects  ranging from advanced e-commerce to simple charity websites. As we have been very busy with the projects we were not able to post them on our blog until now. So here they are! MYHOMEALARM.CO.UK Myhomealarm.co.uk are a leading ADT Alarms dealer offering home

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  • End Of Salaam Halal Insurance?

    bismimg I was shocked when I got a letter from Salaam Halal Insurance saying that they are not accepting any requests for new quotations or contracts nor will they be renewing  existing ones. Moreover, surprisingly enough no reason was given of what led to such a decision. I checked their website (www.salaaminsurance.com) and it is

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  • Our Blog has a new face

    bismimg Alhamdulillah, the number of visitors to our blog have been increasing daily since we launched it almost a year ago, so much so that the total hits for September 2009 was over 150 000 mashallah, this is at the least 5000  unique visits a day! Having seen our blog’s  growing success and popularity, we

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  • Google Maps Favorite Places

    bismimg http://google.com/favoriteplaces Google Maps Favorite Places Launch Event at San Francisco City Hall, 7/15/09. Favorite Places is a project on Google Maps to call attention to all the interesting places and businesses that are found online. It features My Maps created by local experts and trendsetters to showcase their favorite businesses and spots in cities

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  • New Website: 3 Men, 1 Mission

    bismimg By the Grace of Almighty Allah we have completed another project and it is now live. 3 Men 1 Mission is a dawah website dedicated to explain that the Prophets’ Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon them all) all came with the same message to their people. It has been a

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