• Eid Ul Adha Mubarak!!

    bismimg Assalamu alaykum brothers & sisters in Islam! Ummah-Design.Com Team would like to take the opportunity to congratulate everyone with Eid Ul Adha! May Allah accept our fasts on these last ten days of Dhulhijja, especially on the day of A’rafa and forgive our previous and coming years sins inshallah. May Allah accept the Hajj

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  • Forbidden transactions by concensus

    Bismimg Assalamu alaykum, This is my next post from the “Real Deal” series inshallah, and I would like to touch upon a number of transactions that are forbidden by the agreement of the Scholars. There are 8 types of forbidden transactions: Selling a debt for a debt Two contracts or sales in one Selling upon

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  • 7 tips on how to avoid email spam

    I have recieved an email from McAfee educating how to avoid junk mails from spammers and decided to share that with you: Don’t publish your email address on any website or discussion forum. Use a separate email address to sign up for newsletters, online postings and trade shows. If your mailbox starts receiving an abundance

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  • Prohibited forms of profits

    Assalamu alaykum! This is my first post from “The Real Deal” series, inshallah. I have taken these notes while attending the course organized by Al Kuathar Institute. I posted an introduction here yesterday. In general, profiting from a business dealing or transaction is from goals and purposes of Shariah.  However, the shariah defines certain guidelines

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