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Integrating Social Media Into Your Website

Owning a business in 2018 involves a lot more than purchasing a brick store. Getting your presence known in the virtual world is gaining importance, and this doesn’t mean websites alone. Marketing and promotions have reached new levels, and those who don’t keep up, often lose a lot of business that can be gained from […]
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The relevance of font style on a web page

Planning and choosing fonts is just as important as choosing themes for a website. The entire content is to be presented in the chosen font. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that it goes well with your theme and purpose. What role does font play in website design? The fonts available to a designer are […]
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The Benefits of E-Commerce

Technology has literally brought the world to our fingertips. Everything we need is now just a click away. The advent of e-commerce has been a significant consequence. Nowadays, more and more business owners are opening online stores in addition to traditional ones. Similarly, more and more people are turning to online shopping and easy delivery. […]
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How to effectively market your brand in Ramadan

To Muslims around the world, Ramadan is a month of purifying the soul and the body. It is also the month of fresh beginnings and new commitments. It is a festive month, celebrated through fasting and spiritual activities. Globally, Ramadan is characterized by a spike in shopping, as Muslim families look to stock up their […]
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The Color to look for in 2017

If you have been racking your brains to decide what color palette to choose for your website, you don’t have to look far. The Pantone Color of the Year for 2017 is full of life and will suit any website.  As every other year, Pantone had a special pick for the color of 2017, reflecting […]
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Why your business website needs a blog

You have set up a great website and everything is in place. And yet, you don’t feel your website has made much of a difference in terms if attracting customers. What is missing? That’s where a blog comes in! Blogs may seem like a lot of unnecessary work. But blogs are in fact additional pages […]
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Why you need to build your content first

Websites are one of the most essential marketing tools in this era of advanced communication and technology. The moment we hear about a new company or initiative, we browse the web to find their website for more info. Websites are hence like a storefront. Its probably the first thing your prospective clients see about your […]
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