• Birmingham Central Mosque’s website revamped

    bismimg Assalamu alaykum, After sucessfully completing the Maidenhead Mosques’s website a few weeks ago, we almost immediatlely started the work on revamping and redesigning Birmingham Central Mosque’s website. Alhamdulillah, today we have finished all work and replaced the old site with the new design. Old Design New Design We have CMS (Content Management System) enabled

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  • What are the benefits of an accessible website?

    bismimg Designing sites in accordance with Web accessibility principles is necessary in order to enable access to all users. If your website is less usable or built incorrectly, you will lose website visitors and may even be breaking the law! The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 says it’s unlawful to exclude disabled people from the

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  • Web Design with Accessibility in Mind

    bismimg Assalamu alaykum! So what is a web accessibility? The number of people advocating web accessibility and standards-based design in general is increasing day by day. “So what is the big fuss and why do I need to implement the web accessibility on my website”, customers may exclaim. Web accessibility is a general practice of

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  • What is Web 2.0? – Part II

    bismimg Assalamu alaykum! Today I want to talk about the characteristics of the Web 2.0, inshallah. As opposed to Web 1.0, with Web 2.0 websites users can do more than just retrieve information.  Web 2.0 sites allow users to own some part of the content and exercise control over that content. A simple example is

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