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Shafi’i Fiqh Has An All New Online Presence

Assalam alaykum,

Shafi’i Fiqh strives to revive and support the teachings of Imam Muhammad B. As Shafi in the most clear and concise way possible. The people behind the project are dedicated and knowledgeable, they aim to answer any question and resolve any issue in a way that is understandable.

With that in mind, we provided them with something that would bring out their project to its full potential. We supplied them with a new and modern website, fully equipped with e-commerce features to display their array of educational books.

Another feature to bring to light is the question and answer service that we provided. With its user friendly interface, it makes asking and answering fiqh questions a breeze. The team themselves are quick to reply to any question posed at them, all with the help of our services.

Here is the finished product:


What are your thoughts? Let us know down below!

Wa alaykum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakettu

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