• What is Web 2.0? – Part I

    bismimg Assalamu alaykum. Everyone these days may have been stumbling upon the term called Web 2.0 for the past few years and undoubtedly not everyone knows what Web 2.0 means, I guess.  Today’s post I dedicated to clarifying this term, inshallah. According to the Wikipedia, the term Web 2.0 describes the changing tendency  in the

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  • Another new website design for our satisfied client

    Bismimg Assalamu alaykum! Back in 2005, we helped one of our existing clients from Leicester, The Islamic Establishment Ltd,  to have their very own first e-commerce website which enabled them to sell their 3000+ products online.  Couple of months ago, we then redesigned and revamped their website to make it even more robust, secure and

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  • New Website For Maidenhead Mosque

    Today we have launched a database driven and CMS enabled website for Maidenhead Mosque, alhamdulillah! The web site has many great features but the key features that the Mosque will benefit greatly from, insahllah: Content Management System. Mosque staff are now able to update their website through the CMS system we have provided. Online Donations.

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  • Forbidden transactions by concensus

    Bismimg Assalamu alaykum, This is my next post from the “Real Deal” series inshallah, and I would like to touch upon a number of transactions that are forbidden by the agreement of the Scholars. There are 8 types of forbidden transactions: Selling a debt for a debt Two contracts or sales in one Selling upon

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