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Assalamu alaykum,

Alhamdulillah all Praise is to Allah SWT in whom without His decree nothing can come to pass, we feel truly blessed to have been able to bring together a variety of different & unique matrimonial websites that Inshallah God Willing all comply with the shariah law and among the most recent is was originally approved in, set up and launched in Regents Park Mosque/The Islamic Cultural Centre in 2009 and has been independently run online since late 2010. Afaf means “purity” in Arabic and the aim behind Afaf Matrimonials is to encourage the generation of today to get married the correct Islamic way inshaAllah, which is the purest way, they provide a matrimonial service that holds onto Islamic values and follows the Sunna of our beloved Prophet S.A.W. for our brothers and sisters.

When Afaf first contacted us they were in a great need of a revamp and a fresh new look that they had already had in mind, we were able to provide them with a new calm & complimenting design that matched their material together with a bespoke CMS to manage their members accounts and many other aspects of the website.

This is what they said about our service:

My experience working with this company has been excellent, probably the best company I have worked with in terms of efficiency, timing, professionalism, cooperation and in final result mashallah. The site has exceeded my expectations and I am over the moon with it alhamdulilah, the Ummah Design Team did an impressive job on it and is exactly what I wanted and better. They were very patient with me throughout the process (much credit given :)) and understood the Islamic principles of the project, which is the benefit of working with a Muslim company. I recommend them to everyone who needs this kind of service. They are a kind and friendly team, as well as very talented in their field of work mashallah. May Allah reward you for the hard work you have put into Afaf Matrimonials and may you reap a share of the rewards in this life and the next of any good that comes out of Afaf for your contribution to todays Muslim society/ummah in great need of such a project that you have helped put together so beautifully. In a nutshell, this company will not disappoint you inshallah, really happy I came across them and will be working with them again inshallah on any future projects and developments.

Mona Alyedreessy,
Founder of Afaf Matrimonials

Here is a screenshot of the new design:

And here is a screenshot of Afaf Matrimonial’s  old website:

So what do you think? Please share with us your thoughts and comments Inshallah, give them a visit & pass onto family & friends.

Wassalamu alaykum Team

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