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Once again the Ummah Design team have  surpassed all expectation ( this is my 3rd website with them). Fantastic design and functionality at a reasonable price. Would recommend UD to anyone who wants to improve their online presence and project a professional image of their organisation.  Thanks again for a great job!


Job Interviewology

Mashallah Ummah-Design did everything I ask of them.Brother Sherzod and the design team were amazing.I had so many things I wanted done and all i had to do was ask and they would do it.They did a wonderful job designing my site.Just take a look at it and you will know if you want a new designed site or a new site or even seo work Ummah-Design is your company.They are so kind and patient it is unbelievable.And they do it in a timely manner.I recommend them to anyone.Thanks Ummah-Design team.You have my vote.
Sister Debbie

Muslim Toys and Dolls

During this project we have found Ummah Design to be a very reliable, patient, efficient and very creative in designing a website that provides all the functions that we have listed for them to include. Alhamdulilah they also provided us with an easy to use CMS which made using and updating the website really simple. We would recommend and suggest all those looking for an amazing website to use Ummah Desisgn services.

Saad Awad

Islam in Bristol

Thank you so much for your work and patience with us in setting up our website. Im really pleased with the website.
I found Ummah Design to be very effective at understanding our requirements. Their customer service is great. I will definitely recommend Ummah Design to everyone. Keep up the fantastic work. Thank you again for a pain free and excellent service

Zara Fashions

Alhamdulillah! Many, many thanks for your fast and efficient service. Not only did you provide us with an outstanding website but the professionalism in dealing with matters quickly far exceeded expectations. I found the service you provided us from start to finish extremely helpful, informative and efficient. Ummah Design will definitely be one we would recommend to others. JazakAllah Khair

Sodi's Gems

I’d like to extend my appreciation to Ummah Design for the update work they completed on the Maryam Learns and Grows website. Website design is complex because it involves technical expertise and accurately discerning what your client wants.  I appreciate your patience and stick-to-it-iveness. For this particular project there was also an added obstacle of working with a significant time difference (we’re based in the Seattle-area) so thanks for having Saturday hours!

Maryam Learns And Grows (USA)

The Ansar Trust Worldwide would like to thank Ummah Design for taking on the project to design and develop our website. Alhamdulillah, they provided an extremely professional and efficient service from start to finish. We had a very tight deadline to get our website developed in time for our first project to deliver an ambulance to Syria and they delivered ahead of time. We highly recomend Ummah Design to any Muslims charity or business looking to extend their web presence and we will look forward to working with them in the future Insha’Allah.
Jazaka’Allah Khair!

The Ansar Trust team

Bismillah - this is the second project I have commissioned Ummah Design to produce a high quality dawah webiste. I was very impressed with the quality of work they produce and would recommend them.

Welsh Serenity

I would like to thank Brother Sherzod and the whole team at BIS for designing a wonderful site i can say i am proud of.
After having a terrible experience with another web designing company who took my money and wasted my time.BIS dealt with my design aspect,my endless changes very diligently.Their response to any queries and advise was prompt and courteous.
As i did not have the whole amount to pay for the redesign of the website BIS gave me the opportunity to spread the costs over a few months.
May Allah reward their efforts.


We are delighted to have chosen Bespoke Internet Solutions for our second project, knowing the team made the ecommerce development even easier. They were very helpful and understanding of our requirements and did a fantastic job.

SimplyGifts4All Team

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