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    Gift Your Beloved With A Website

    Have you ever thought of gifting your beloved one with a website? Its a common and very appreciated gift. There are many benefits of gifting the person you love with a website, one of which is that you can personalize it to their individual needs or interest, it doesn’t have to be limited to business

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  • Wallpaper Calendar For February 2017

      Assalam alaykoum everyone, We hope that we find you in the very best of health and emaan. Today we would like to introduce you to the first of our expected series of calendar wallpaper in sha Allah. We start off with this beautiful scenic view of Sheikh Zaid Masjid located in Abu Dhabi. We

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    Mcst.org.uk Official New Website Goes Live

    Assalam alaykum Dear Readers, Today we congratulate and welcome Mcst.org.uk to the online world web. We are pleased to announce the launch of their first official website called Muslim Chaplains in Sport (abbreviated to MCS) MCS established themselves with the aim of supporting professional sports players, their families and the staff at their respective organisations,

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  • Ask Legal Solicitors Celebrates Their New Online Presence

    We are happy to announce the completion and launch of the new website for Ask Legal Solicitors (http://asklegalsolicitors.co.uk/) Ask Legal Solicitors are a specialist Law Firm in personal injury claims and litigation arising from road traffic accidents with a dedicated team of personal injury lawyers. Their solicitor and support staff ratio is much greater than other firms specialising in personal injury claims. We redesigned

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    Mymuslimspouse.org Launches their New Website

    MMS are based in USA, they were established to encourage the generation of today to get married the correct Islamic way inshaAllah, which is the purest way. They have provided this matrimonial service that holds onto Islamic values and follows the Sunnah of the beloved Prophet s.a.w. Their services are targeted for those who do

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