• What is Islamic Insurance or Takaful?

    bismimg On my previous post I touched upon Islamic Insurance. Today I wanted to share this diagram that I got  from Islamic Finance Roadshow yesterday. The diagram beautifully explains how the conventional insurance and Islamic Insurance (Takaful) work.  As the proverb says “a picture is worth thousand words” 🙂 Courtesy of Salaam Halal Insurance wasalaamimg

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  • What is RSS and why would I use it?

    bismimg These days whichever site you go to, you may see this icon or something similar to it: You can see it even in our blog :-). Look at the top right hand corner! Some of us may know what it is and how to utilize it but the majority don’t, believe me they don’t!

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  • What Is Twitter?

    bismimg You probably heard about Twitter. If not, keep on reading 🙂 Twitter is an online service for everyone: friends, colleagues, customers and families to communicate  through the exchange of quick, short (up to 140 characters) and frequent answers to one single question:  What Are You Doing? People (as well as businesses) use Twitter to

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  • Why Is Google So Special?

    bismimg When an Internet user is unable, or unwilling, to guess your website address they will use a search engine to find you. Now, of all the website visits conducted in the UK and US that were immediately preceded by a search engine search, Google is responsible for the majority. Google is by far the

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  • How UK Law Sees Web Accessibility

    bismimg There has been much speculation about the legislation introduced in the UK, which is intended to ensure that websites are accessible to people with disabilities. The Disability Discrimination Act does not mention web site design. Part III of the Disability Discrimination Act refers to the provision of goods, facilities and services, yet does not

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